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Trip Reports

Here's where you peruse WACer trip reports and post your own for everyone to see. Remember: Never let the truth interfere with a good story!

Trip Reports
Trip Title:Gunn Peak
AuthorJohn Sanford
Owned Byshenren
Mailed to WacList10/06/2012
Mountain Elevation Summitted
I don’t normally write trip reports (there is usually sufficient beta available), especially not of peaks which I failed to summit. However, I make an exception for Gunn Pk, which has a bad reputation for being impossibly brushy and hence hard to navigate. Chris and I made an attempt on it last Sat (9/29) and found the boot path to be well marked with tape and relatively easy to follow. We would have made the summit except that we lost several hours in thick fog above the tree line. We both consider it one of the best climbs in the area. The route roughly is: From the Barclay Creek trailhead, walk a short distance back down the road. Follow an obvious side road to the right which heads down to the creek. At a fire pit in the middle of the road, take a trail to the right. (There is a good campsite at the fire pit). This trail takes you to a log jam and high water crossing. Going straight would also lead you across the river, but I do not know if there is a flagged trail on the other side. From the logjam crossing follow a faint flagged trail. Finding this trail is critical because the brush is very thick. The trail intersects an old logging road, which is now so overgrown that we could not tell where we joined the road. This bootpath continues up through thinning forest to the treeline. Forget about Smoot’s primary gully to the left. It is very overgrown and the boot path continues to the right at the base of some cliffs. In this section there are some fun and easy class 3 sections. Eventually the bootpath breaks out of the trees, goes through heather to a ridge, where the markings stop. From here you can see the summit, unless of course you are in thick fog. From this ridge, the easiest route is to drop down a short distance into a gully and go over another low ridge into a second gully. Follow this gully right and down (steeply) to a “tarn filled basin.” From here the shortest route is to go immediately left up and over an open patch and then down steeply into a gully, which takes you to the ramp of talus. Since this is as far as we got, I will not recite other trip reports. We got a few nice pictures, including one of the summit block. (https://picasaweb.google.com/sanford.stm/GunnPeak) Gunn is definitely on our list for next year.

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