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Hard copies of the constitution and bylaws are available by contacting the Bylaw officer, Dave Mitchell, at 425-235-1039, or by email dtmitch@mindspring.com.

Lee F. Adams Memorial WAC Grant Program

The WAC Grant program provides money to club members for education and training in areas that are consistent with the mission of the WAC and which are not duplicated through some activity currently offered by WAC. The intention of this program is to encourage members to improve their skill set in outdoor recreational activities and then bring those new skills back into the club to teach others and thereby improve the overall quality of instruction in our own courses. This program is not intended to fund personal climbing trips or expeditions.

Anyone currently a member of the WAC may apply. Applications are reviewed and voted upon by the Board of Directors of the WAC. The training you wish to take should not have occurred at the time you apply for a grant. However, a grant can be awarded if the training occurs between the time you apply and when the Board votes to provide the money.

The money for this program comes from the interest earned on the WAC's liquid assets in the prior fiscal year.

Additional information is provided in the application itself. The application is available for download in PDF format via the link below.

To apply for the Grant, or if you have questions, please send email to treasurer@washingtonalpineclub.org.

Adobe Acrobat PDF:WAC Grant Application (85k)

Note: the PDF document can be edited through Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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